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Selling online has never been easier, Shopify brought more interesting way for you to run your business online. It is an easiest and more affordable way to get your store launched. If you are starting up new online business, or just bringing an existing business to the online world, Shopify is definitely a right selection for you. It provides user friendly admin panel through which you may update content and manage products easily. Why Shopify is a best eCommerce Solution becauseit is an e-commerce platform made for you whether you sell online, on social media, in store or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify have you covered.
Our enterprise-level Shopify integration solution totally represents your business strategies and keeps you steered towards your larger organizational goals and above all, they help you sell more. We can deploy your e-commerce website in no time and you could be selling on the Internet with ease. Kimpster provide high quality services for quality-oriented clients. As each client has different requirements as you have and we are here to discuss with you about all aspects of your needs.
Key Features of Shopify
  • Hosted on secure and expertly maintained Debian Linux servers, guarded by ultra-secure OpenBSD firewalls.
  • Easy to add, list, edit, and organize products using our streamlined CMS interface.
  • Multiple variants for each product allow options with unique inventory tracking, prices, weights.
  • Sell on Facebook, in store (POS) with abandoned checkout recovery.
  • Integrate with Dropshippers or Fulfillment Centers.
  • Shopify Mobile - update your store or inventory
  • Search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Product reviews, Discount codes, coupons and Gift Cards.
  • Excellent customer management resources, including complete order tracking, order management system and much more.
  • Various marketing and promotional tools.
eCommerce Design Process
Plan & Propose

We do industry & technology research for the best approach to reach your goals.

Design & Build

With your approval, we transform
concepts into your product.

Test & Refine

We run extensive tests to filter out
bugs & refine the product.


Project is finalised but that is just the
start of our exciting relationship.

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