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WooCommerce (WordPress)
As Woo Commerce is most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business and is known for Custom eCommerce sites, built for secure, intuitive shopping. Starting an online store from scratch or simply need an online makeover, WooCommerce is the way forward.Kimpster developers will integrate, customize and create your fully functioning eShop that looks great and lets you manage your full eCommerce business on WordPress.

We are passionate about Crafting new age themes. As with our WordPress themes, we get excited about creating crowd-pleasing WooCommerce themes. We have years of experience in Word Press and HTML5, you are guaranteed a theme that’s responsive, cross-browser and cross-device ready – a custom ecommerce site built for secure, intuitive shopping. A well-oiled e-commerce website increases the chances of conversions from visitor to customer.
Key Features of Woo Commerce
  • WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, making it the obvious eCommerce choice for existing WordPress users.
  • You can easily add and manage Products inventory.
  • WooCommerce is 100% open source which allows you to benefit from an active and growing community of contributors.
  • It offers detailed product browsing, with multiple product images, User reviews, rating and wish lists.
  • Easy navigation of product catalogs, including product comparisons and advanced product filtering.
  • You can easily add and manage products inventory.
  • Easily configure taxes and shipping modules
  • Wide variety of payment options.
  • Excellent customer management resources, including complete order tracking, order management system and much more.
  • Various marketing and promotional tools.
  • It is also search engine friendly and user friendly.
  • With over 300 free and paid extensions to choose from, you can extend your WooCommerce store with a vast number of features and integrations.
eCommerce Design Process
Plan & Propose

We do industry & technology research for the best approach to reach your goals.

Design & Build

With your approval, we transform
concepts into your product.

Test & Refine

We run extensive tests to filter out
bugs & refine the product.


Project is finalised but that is just the
start of our exciting relationship.

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