Are you worried about eBay’s new Active content policies?

Don’t worry at all. All of our eBay design services are totally compliant with eBay’s new policies. Don’t wait at all, you can be compatible in a matter of weeks.We will even remove the old non-compatible content and apply the design compatible with eBay’s new requirements.

I have no knowledge of HTML. Shall I still be able to use your listing templates?

Don’t worry. Almost 90% of our clients have minimal knowledge of HTML but they still use our listing template quite freely. We will provide you simple steps, which are not complicated. All of our listing templates are quite user-friendly. If you are still unable to understand, our support services are available 24/7.

What will happen to my current Listing template?

Your existing listing template will remain as it is, and will display within the redesigned eBay store. And if you would like the description area of every item to be redesigned, you won’t need to end the items, we would modify each of your items manually and just include the HTML template.

Will I be able to update product images or banner images in future?

Definitely. All the images are stored on your server. You can make any changes directly by updating the appropriate image on the server. If you need any kind of help, we are always available.

What is your procedure for designing an eBay store?

It’s quite simple. Our team of experts will contact you through Email or Phone to gather some required information. You will have to provide the requested information through email only. Once the information is received, our team will start working on your eBay store and will get in touch with you for any changes. This process will continue until final approval.After final approval,
will perform the coding process and make your store live. We shall be continually in touch with you from initial stage till final. We believe 100% satisfaction is the key to business.

Who owns the design at the end?

You do. At the end of the design you own all the copyright to the built design.

What is an e-Commerce website?

E-Commerce website simplify the selling of products online to your customers, whether they belong to other businesses or an individual consumer. Once the online payment is made, the retailer ship the product to your specified customer.

What is a hosting account?

A hosting account is a space you rent online to store your files to be viewed over the internet.

Should I use a listing service?

We would strongly recommend you to use a listing service if you have more than 20 listings/sales in a week.

What's the benefit of using a listing service instead of listing my items directly through eBay?

The listing services are meant to simplify the routine process you use to list and manage your items on eBay. If you are using custom designed eBay listing template, it will also make listing your itemsmuch easier.

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